Candice Faktor

Co-Founder @Disco

Candice is a serial tech entrepreneur who has a passion for learning and community. Before launching Disco, Candice scaled Wattpad to 80 MM users, making it the world’s largest platform for creators to share their stories (sold in Jan 21, for US $660MM). She is a frequent speaker on the future of learning, an early pioneer in cohort based courses, and creator of, a live learning community of 3000+ innovators. Candice is a venture partner for Lobby Capital, and a Board Member of Coveo, an enterprise AI SAAS platform valued at over $1Bn. She is from South Africa, lives in Toronto with her husband, two boys and puppy

March 25th All Things DEI

How to Build DEI into your DNA


Connecting the dots between diversity and innovation: you’ll gain practical skills in this workshop as well as a new way of thinking about how you can effectively and efficiently scale equity and inclusion in this workshop with Dr. Kristen Liesch, Forbes Diversity & Inclusion Trailblazer.

Dr Kristen Liesch
Co-CEO and Co-Founder @Tidal Equality

Creating a Culture of Learning


Build an environment where employees are free to learn from each other, reach their potential, and get honest about their limitations: a workshop with Candice Faktor, lifelong learning aficionado and creator of economies.

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