While most conferences and training events aim to inspire, the All Things People Conference aims to set the bar even higher. We aim for impact, so you'll leave with tangible, actionable tools you can use to create ripples within your organization.

Through keynotes, workshops, stage talks, and networking events, you'll gain invaluable insights from 40+ industry experts, leaders, and innovators who have been able to succeed by prioritizing people.

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March 24th All Things People Operations




Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Through Partnerships

Stage Talk

Our expert panel shows how partnering with organizations with similar missions and goals can enhance an organization's diversity and inclusion efforts.

Shaun Cawley
Director, Talent Business Partner @Shopify
Janey Buzugbe
Head of Black Innovation Programs & Partnerships @The DMZ
Fahd Alhattab
Founder and Leadership Development Speaker @Unicorn Labs

Increase Psychological Safety in the Workplace by Embracing Failure

Stage Talk

Priyanka Mehandiratta, Maayan Ziv, and Andrea Robb hit the unmute button to get real about protecting employees' mental health by creating a collaborative environment where failure provides valuable opportunities for learning.


Networking Activity


Avery Francis
Founder and CEO @Bloom

Is Work Working?

Some call it the great resignation, others call it the great realization, but at Bloom, we call it the great break-up, there is an overwhelming realization that we can all do better at engaging, hiring, and retaining top talent. Strategic HR and DEI Advisor Avery Francis will explore why work doesn't work for everyone and why your best people are breaking up with old ways of working for new ones. She'll share how a foundational focus on inclusion is the path towards evolving legacy ways of working and building better workplace experiences for everyone


Networking activity


How not to F*CK up your Company's Culture in your Early Days


All for failing forward (and avoiding major f*ups), Nora Jenkins Townson, an expert in unconventional human resources, shows you how to structure people operations departments and policies to ensure success early on.


Equitable Compensation 101


Focusing on closing Canada’s gender power and pay gap, Heather Odendaal will discuss realities, challenges, and key observations of achieving equity in the business and on your team, with her community-building lens to solve insufficient support structures for women in North America.

Heather Odendaal
Co Founder & CEO @WNorth

Lunch 🍔


Hiring and Onboarding Gen-Z and Recent Graduates

Stage Talk

As Gen Z (virtually) step into the office, Erin Bury, Eliana Bravos and Jeff Waldman lead you through must-knows when hiring Gen Z: their motivations and supports you can set up to help everyone adjust to today’s complex multi-generational workforce.

Erin Bury
Co-Founder & CEO @Willful
Jeff Waldman
Founder and Principal @ScaleHR

Building an Anti-Bias and Inclusive Hiring and Retention Process

Stage Talk

Are you having trouble attracting diverse talent? Fatima Zaidi, Laura McGee, and Fiona Lake Waslander will highlight why startups struggle with inclusive hiring and what should be included in your company’s hiring process to address it.

Laura McGee
Founder & CEO @Diversio
Fiona Lake Waslander
Product and Operations @Opendoor



The Connection between Emotional Intelligence Coaching and DEI


Sponsored by KOHO.

Building cultures of belonging requires emotional intelligence. Get the tools you need to engage and interact with all employees in an emotionally intelligent manner and maximize their performance from a certified coach, facilitator, and emotional intelligence practitioner, Morgan Toane.

Morgan Toane
Talent Development Partner @KOHO

SOS: Enable a Hockey Stick Growth Curve for your Virtual Team.


As leaders, we need to enable others to be thinking, stretching, growing, not just doing...whether virtual or not; otherwise, we limit growth by unknowingly being the chief bottleneck. This interactive workshop will explore modern leadership techniques and mindsets, creating the environment for growth in others, yourself, and ultimately scaling your business. Integrating science and leadership, identify ways to accelerate the growth of those around you to unleash their potential beyond perceived limits.

Jasmine Kernaleguen
Chief Disruptor and Co-founder @Rhythmic Leader Science Co

How your Company can Support Reconciliation


A reflective space hosted by DEI Expert Stephanie Bergman, explores how to create an environment that will attract, retain and advance the Indigenous Community, the fastest-growing demographic population in Canada.

Stephanie Bergman
Senior Consultant (HR/DEI) & Team Lead @Bright + Early

Fostering Employee Engagement


Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Gorick Ng shares resources for leaders and managers to set the right expectations to encourage their employees to take accountability for their daily contributions towards achieving the company's mission.




Networking / Visit Expo Booths


Making Data-Informed Talent Decisions

Stage Talk

Get a sneak-peek at the results of the 2022 People Benchmark Report for High Growth SaaS Companies. Speakers will cover the top 2022 work trends, what outperforming companies look like, and how they win in a talent-centric market.

Hannah Yardley
Chief People and Culture Officer @Achievers
Roald Harvey
Head of People @Swyft
Nick Jesteadt
Senior Director of People Analytics @TIBCO Software

Fostering a Culture of Giving Back Engages Top Talent


As we find ourselves in the age of Great Attrition, employees are looking to make a meaningful impact in both their personal and professional lives. In this presentation, we will walk through why and how leaders can build giving back into their startups to engage top talent whilst building a beloved brand with loyal customers. You’ll leave with tangible takeaways to incorporate into your business today. Introduction by Will Shaw, Partner at Fasken

Sponsored by Fasken


Closing Remarks

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