Priyanka Mehandiratta

Founder & CEO @Unmute

Priyanka Mehandiratta is a multi-talented woman with a unique award under her belt - one of “The 10 Most Influential Women in Technology 2020” – recognized by Analytics Insight and was recently featured in Valiant CEO Magazine for her work in shaping the next generation of women leaders. She is a Startup Mentor, Certified Leadership Trainer, Certified Executive Coach, and an MBA Graduate and has received numerous Super Achiever awards and has also been accredited by former colleagues as ‘the go-to person for coaching and learning. Her experience has granted her solid trust from her clients. After building her career of 16 years in talent management and run global projects for big banks and consulting, she successfully transitioned into the world of leadership development. After solidifying DX learning Canada in 2018 as a Startup in the space of accelerated Leadership Development, Priyanka recently founded “Unmute” with the sole purpose of creating the workforce of the future

March 24th All Things People Operations

Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Through Partnerships

Stage Talk

Our expert panel shows how partnering with organizations with similar missions and goals can enhance an organization's diversity and inclusion efforts.

Shaun Cawley
Director, Talent Business Partner @Shopify
Janey Buzugbe
Head of Black Innovation Programs & Partnerships @The DMZ
Fahd Alhattab
Founder and Leadership Development Speaker @Unicorn Labs

Increase Psychological Safety in the Workplace by Embracing Failure

Stage Talk

Priyanka Mehandiratta, Maayan Ziv, and Andrea Robb hit the unmute button to get real about protecting employees' mental health by creating a collaborative environment where failure provides valuable opportunities for learning.

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