2023 Conference
Unlock the potential of multi­generational teams

Four generations, one workforce. Let’s build organizations that’ll thrive in the multigenerational workplace shift.

Join 400+ startup founders, CEOs, and people operations leaders to chat candidly about generational myths, facts, superpowers, and synergies.

Attend in person or online April 4th, 2023

Get 40% off with early bird tickets

Discount ends Jan 8th


What you get

Speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities to accelerate what happens when businesses put people first.

Let’s dive into what it means to build a thriving multigenerational workforce together with:
In-person experience
A packed day of engaging interactive workshops, networking, and the shared vibes we’ve missed in the remote conference era.
  • Learn from and with forward-thinking executives and a talented new generation.
  • Collaborate with thought leaders, peers, and maybe a prospective business partner or two.
  • Review the Virtual Experience recordings at your convenience.
Virtual experience
Work & join from anywhere with a virtual ticket.
  • See Keynote speakers and participate in Workshops, + Network remotely.
  • Review the session recordings at your convenience.
Featured Keynote: Hamza Khan
Future of Work Expert
Author of Leadership, Reinvented
Hear from influential thought leaders like Hamza Khan on how your business can stand out in the future of work by enhancing human-centric leadership, building resilience & unlocking productivity.
Networking events
Gain insights from those who have been there, done that, failed and tried again.
Workshops led by industry
What Gen-Z is Bringing to the Workforce; Ageism Goes Both Ways; WFH – Home, Hotel or Head Office?; Emojis VS. Ellipses; What are the NEW Workplace Unspoken Rules + more!
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