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Unlock the potential of multi-gen teams

Four generations, one workforce. Let’s build organizations that’ll thrive in the multigenerational workplace shift.

Join 400+ startup founders, CEOs, and people operations leaders to chat candidly about generational myths, facts, superpowers, and synergies.

April 4th, 2023

Thanks for making All Things People Conference 2023 great! 👍🎉

April 4th, 2023 is wrapped

What you get

Speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities to accelerate what happens when businesses put people first.

Let’s dive into what it means to build a thriving multigenerational workforce together with:
In-person experience
A packed day of engaging interactive workshops, networking, and the shared vibes we’ve missed in the remote conference era.
  • Learn from and with forward-thinking executives and a talented new generation.
  • Collaborate with thought leaders, peers, and maybe a prospective business partner or two.
  • Review the Virtual Experience recordings at your convenience.
Virtual experience
Work & join from anywhere with a virtual ticket.
  • See Keynote speakers and participate in Workshops, + Network remotely.
  • Review the session recordings at your convenience.
Networking events
Gain insights from those who have been there, done that, failed and tried again.
Workshops led by industry
What Gen-Z is Bringing to the Workforce; Ageism Goes Both Ways; WFH – Home, Hotel or Head Office?; Emojis VS. Ellipses; What are the NEW Workplace Unspoken Rules + more!
Featured Keynotes: Jenn Harper + Hamza Khan
Hear from influential thought leaders like Jenn Harper and Hamza Khan on how your business can stand out in the future of work by enhancing human-centric leadership, building resilience & unlocking productivity.
Hamza Khan and Jenn Harper
Watch Hamza explain more
Hamza Khan
2022 highlights
Theme: DEI approaches, practices and policies
Attendees across Canada
of attendees were CEOs or directors of startups
Speakers from 38 organizations

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