Melissa Allen

Melissa Allen

Executive Director @ League of Innovators

Prior to her tech and innovation career, Melissa Allen was an award-winning financial advisor at Desjardins. Before that, she worked in tech sales and marketing at companies such as Torstar and Google.

Currently, along with managing the VC fund Capital M, Melissa is the Executive Director at League of Innovators accelerator and is a Venture Partner at LOI Venture where she supports youth entrepreneurs in becoming the bosses of their careers and lives.

2:30pm (EST)

πŸ€” Emojis Vs. Ellipsis... Bridging the Multigenerational Communication Gap

Workshop β€”

Lost in translation with your multigenerational team? πŸ˜• In today’s remote work world, clear and effective communication is more important than ever. Join League of Innovators for a fun-filled workshop that'll teach you how to overcome communication barriers and empower entrepreneurial leaders of all ages. Don't miss out on this opportunity to level up your communication game, boost team productivity, and leave feeling like... 😎